"Everything I know, I learned from dogs" - Nora Roberts

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With a shared expertise of over a 100 years from working with pets

More about Preeti

Preeti Narayanan

Pet 'Quality of Life' Expert

More about Antaleena

Antaleena Ganguly

Puppy Training Expert

More about Osha

Osha Shetty

Cat Expert

More about Bernard

Bernard Shannu

Dog Walking Expert

More about Anand

Anand Vishwanath

Canine Behaviourist, Learner, Educator

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Across Indian cities more and more people are owning pets, so the industries around animals have been growing too.

Cat and dog lovers are now able to turn their passion into a business.

The BBC's Yogita Limaye has been meeting some of them for India Business Report.


Very useful, as we understood the dog perspective, how they behave and how to take further their behavioural changes. Thank you

By Adithya

Canine Behaviour Modification Consultation

Absolutely great support by team Anvis...they are extremely approachable and very professional..see a marked difference in our puppy and also a huge difference in how we are handling issues with our pup...special tks to Antleena who has been nothing but Awesome!

By Smitha

Online Puppy Training

We have had a very positive experience. The team truely understands and identifies the core problem suggesting workable solutions, making it a win win for both the pet and his parents.. thank you guys 😊

By Cornelia Mohan

Canine Behaviour Modification Consultation


The course kindled still more ENTHUSIASM towards (sic) my craze towards pets

By Shiny Joseph

Pet Buddy Orientation for Pet Professionals

...online course, with lots of informative videos and fun quizzes which made the learning much more enjoyable.

By Abhilasha Kulkarni

Pet Buddy Orientation for Pet Professionals

The videos are very informative & well structured. Also, a lot of work has clearly gone into assessments too... 

By Sairam Santhanam

Pet Buddy Orientation for Pet Professionals


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