Osha Shetty

Cat Expert

Osha is the Pet Buddy Partner at Anvis and is responsible for identifying, empowering and implementing growth opportunities for our Pet Buddies. She is also the point of contact for Pet Parents when they entrust their pets under the care of Anvis Inc.

Osha is a Dog & Cat person. Her exposure to dogs started off from a young age when her family took care of stray indie doggies, feeding, caring and ensuring their overall well-being. Over the years, she had exposure to different pets and the joys and challenges associated with them.

Currently, Osha is a doting mum to cute little Indie mix puppy, Pari and 3 cats Tigger, Jazz and Chubby. She was also the brain behind setting up and running India’s first cat café in Bangalore for about 2 years. The café is now being handled by the management of the compassionate animal NGO, CARE. 

In another of her previous role, she was also Centre Manager at Animal NGO, CUPA, Bangalore for about 2 years. Prior to which she had been an HR professional in various roles and capacities for over 7 years