About Us !

How we entered into the Pet Industry and what value we bring as Educators!

We, at Anvis Inc. & ALPHA have always credited all our learnings to our furry companions who have taught us so much in the last 40 odd years. Most of our team members have a similar story. As kids we loved and cherished our dogs or cats as our companions and best friends. As teenagers, we would often share stories of our love lives with these patient listeners. As adults, we always found peace with a sense of calm and comfort living with our furry kids. Somewhere along the line, we realized we want to pay it forward to this community of unique species that have given us so much. We quit our regular jobs ( It was a very fine day!) and went after what we really are passionate about ! Like a dog after his bone. This is one of the many lessons we are so grateful for.

As a Pet Services providers, our team has done it all. And for many many years. Formally from 2010 as a group but as individuals - however old each of us are ! Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Home Boarding, Dog Training, Pet Grooming & Pet Relocation. Some of us have even ventured into the medical side, some in the breeding, training & showing space and others in the rescue & rehabilitation area . We have all made a name in the respective fields that we are slightly more passionate towards but have had one common trait. We never stopped learning. We were and continue to bounce thoughts of each other continuously and question theories and techniques and workings relating to pets at every given opportunity!

A very well known Venture Capitalist once asked one of our founding members " What happens if you go under the bus ? What happens to this wealth of knowledge that has been created?" That was really the light bulb moment. In 2017, we decided to collectively share this knowledge with like minded Pet Lovers who either wanted to better their bond with their pets or Pet Professionals who want to enter the Pet Industry but didn't know where to start. It took us some time to put this academy and courses together as we continued to provide pet services but we launched our Pet Academy ALPHA (Anvis Learning & Pet Handling Academy) in Sept 2018 and started conducting 1-2 workshops every month. Till date we have trained a little over 220 Pet Professionals who we call 'Pet Buddies' who have gone on to provide a whopping 10,049 pet services through the Anvis Platform in the last 1.5 years since launch! This did seem like a validation of doing something right.

We have always believed that if one has to learn French, a native French speaking person is the best - not a German or a Belgian who also happens to know french :) Our online Courses & Consultations are in some sense a result of the vast experiences that we have all had because of the enormous exposure to so many animals, the Pet services & the knowledge sharing over these years. We have had our fair share of mistakes but learnt from it. It doesn't mean any of you have to make the same mistakes. This is really the concept of our learning academy - To shorten the learning curve & give back to our furry friends a small part of what they give us every single day. Given this, in April 2020, we decided to formally launch our Online Courses, Consultation & Pet services . On an average 22 students are taking up the online courses every month. Our teachers have and will continue to be all the dogs and cats that cross our paths everyday and we are more than happy to share our learnings with you :)

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