Antaleena Ganguly

Puppy Training Expert

Antaleena was born into a dog family and her first four-legged sibling (along with her other siblings) was a poised Doberman lady "Lucky". She grew up caring for Lucky and learnt the finer nuances of caring for pets at a very young age. Lucky's passing on after years of attachment was hard, but she was blessed with another dog Trixie, a Labrador retriever who was her first love. With Trixie, is where Antaleena honed her skills of being a Pet Parent/Pet Sibling. She dedicated time and effort to Feed, Walk, Bathe Trixie. Cindy, one of Trixie’s puppy was Antaleena’s next baby, who taught her a different side to life.

Antaleena presently doesn't own a dog. But she’s a committed member of team Anvis and also the owner of Puppy Training service. She’s constantly supportive and training all the puppies, puppies parents and pet lovers through Anvis to help make the pets and their humans life better. 

Antaleena believes that having Pets in her life and dedicating a part of herself, for them has taught her many life lessons and values. Being compassionate, humble, caring, practical, mentally strong and a good human being. And for that she will always be grateful.

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