There are people and then there are dog people!

 Malvika firmly places herself as a dog-person, bordering on being dog-crazy.
She has been fortunate to have had furry friends since the day she was born, but attributes her accomplishments with dogs solely to her fur-baby Mister. During his time on Earth, Mister trained Malvika to be a better parent, a patient observer, a humble human being and led her in her journey to learn about various fascinating dimensions of dog training. During her 10+ years in the USA, Malvika was frequently involved with the Humane Society, California, learning shelter-dog training and dog behaviour analysis. Since her relocation to India, she (much to her luck) has gotten involved with the incredible team at Anvis and is now a puppy trainer there.
She is a full time corporate professional, a puppy trainer and a mom of two precocious kids, not to forget her indie-lab mix Subbi, who has been a fabulous addition to the family as she keeps them thoroughly entertained. Malvika continues to look forward to further opportunities to expand her knowledge of the canine species and believes she is only getting started.

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