You need to create an account before taking a course. Click on Menu Icon (Three horizontal lines) present on the top left of the Store Screen. From the opened menu, click on Login/Register button. Click on Sign Up. Enter your Email Id & Password to register for an account.

Select the course that you want to take up and click 'Add to Cart'. You will be guided to a registration page where you will be asked to enter a few details to create an account. Post creation of the account you can proceed to purchase the course of your choice. After you have purchased the Course or used the access code of the course, the course would be added to your My Course Section. Click on the Course image to start the course.

After you have selected the course to purchase you will be guided to the checkout pages. You will be able to enter the Promo Code for your course, once you have confirmed your registration details. The applicable discount will be automatically applied to your invoice on entering a valid promo code.

You can click on Forgot Password link to reset your password from the login screen. We will send a new password to your registered email address. Try to login with the new password. If the issue still persists, drop an email to alpha@anvisinc.com with the issue details. We recommend changing your password as soon as you are able to login again.

Please check whether you are using the same email, which was used for purchasing/using the access code. Check for the course in your My Course section. If the course is still not available, please drop an email to alpha@anvisinc.com

For any issues relating to the course or the website, please drop an email to alpha@anvisinc.com with the complete issue details. We will respond immediately to your queries

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