Anand Vishwanath

Founder, Canine Behaviorist, Learner, Educator

Anand Vishwanath, a Telecom Engineer, had taken a sabbatical in 2010 from his corporate life of 12+ years and started walking Dogs as an informal service, giving him the satisfaction of doing ‘something he was passionate about’. It was an extremely personalised service, where he himself would walk the dogs - sometimes covering over 100+ kms in a day to walk one, maybe 2 dogs! Demand surpassed supply, one thing led to another and Anand, after a bit of research on survival and sustainability, quit his corporate job for good and Anvis Inc. was born!

Although Anand had been associated with dogs (of various sizes, breeds and personalities) for over 30 years in various spaces – Training, Behaviour modification, breeding, participating in various dog competitions, counselling pet parents etc., he realised the need to get formally trained under someone more experienced. Subsequently, he got certified as a behaviourist under the very experienced John Rogerson of ‘Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour, UK’.

Over the years, Anand has become one of the foremost pet experts in India, featuring in many Indian and International media articles and publications including  BBC (link to video embedded below).

Currently Anand is owned by 6 ‘Anvis Mascots’ who live at the Pet Centre. Read more about Anand’s and Anvis’ story here.

Creating an industry around India's animal boom

Across Indian cities more and more people are owning pets, so the industries around animals have been growing too.

Cat and dog lovers are now able to turn their passion into a business.

The BBC's Yogita Limaye has been meeting some of them for India Business Report.

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