Puppy Trainer Certification Course

Puppy Trainer Certification Course

A well mannered dog is welcome everywhere!

Number of Hours of Interactive Online Learning : ~36 hrs

Number of Hours of Shadowing & Hands-On Training : 30-40 hrs

For : Aspiring Pet Trainers anywhere in India

When : As soon as you sign up! This is a 1x1 personalised training

Language: English

Instructors: Anvis Trainers



What is the Puppy Trainer Certification Course?

The Puppy Trainer Certification course will teach you to train a puppy along with his/her human family to help them understand each other and build a lifelong relationship.  What’s more, once certified, you will also be listed on our platform www.anvisinc.com! A great way to be known amongst our clientele! 

In this course, you will be trained on all aspects of being a good Puppy Trainer over 3 phases :

Phase 1 (~36 Hours) - Interactive online/offline learning sessions: 

Classes will be conducted twice a week for 3 hours each, for 6 weeks. 

Module 1: Understanding the species, Evolution & History of Training.

Module 2: Elements of Training + How Dogs learn + Process of Learning + Lots of Discussion

Module 3: Puppies! Factors that impact Training + Understanding Body Language 

Module 4: Soft Skills. It's important to communicate with Pet Parents as much as it is with their puppies!

Module 5: First Aid. With special emphasis on impact of sterilization on behaviour.

Module 6: Solving Puppy Problems. From our Archive. Putting all the learning to solve real life problems.

Phase 2 (~30 hours) - Shadowing 

Shadowing one or more of our trainers end to end while they train 3 different puppies with the Pet Parents. This will also involve hands-on reinforcement on the learning puppies under the watchful eyes of our trainers. This is location specific.

Phase 3 (~10 hours) - Apprenticeship 

Training one puppy independently under the guidance of our trainers.

On successful completion of the above 3 phases, you will be certified as an 'Anvis Puppy Trainer' and listed on our platform www.anvisinc.com 

Pet Parents can connect with you directly for their puppy training. If there is an opportunity, we at Anvis can also make an offer to join our training team. 

Although puppies offer many glimpses into their adulthood, adult dog training elements are not covered as a part of this course.

How to Use

1. In order to purchase the course, please proceed by clicking on "Add to Cart" here.
2. Proceed to checkout and you will be guided to a 'Sign-In' page. Please register yourself on the website if you have not already signed up.
3. Review your cart and confirm your order. Please don't forget to add your coupon code on the confirm payment page to avail your discount, if any.
4. You will be guided to the payment gateway where you can safely make the payment and complete buying to start the course.
5. Once you have purchased the course, you can login to your 'My Courses' page and fill up the 'Puppy training Application Form'. if you have already filled it in, you can ignore this step.
6. Course modules comprise of pre-recorded interactive video lectures, assessments, Discussions, Mock sessions and Shadowing.
7. The shadowing will be conducted post the completion of the online modules. Students will need to come to the pet parents home. All details will be communicated on completion of the online modules.

If you have any trouble with purchasing a course, please reach out to us via mail on alpha@anvisinc.com or call +91 9972542880


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