Learn or upgrade your knowledge about Dogs and Cats. Build a better bond!

Pet Care for Enthusiasts

Learn or upgrade your knowledge about Dogs and Cats. Build a better bond.

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Number of Hours of Online Learning : 4 hrs

Number of Interactive Sessions with Instructors : 4

For : Pet Parents & Pet Professionals

Language: English

Instructors: Anvis Instructors

Validity Period: 14 days

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What can I expect to Learn?

The Pet Care for Enthusiasts course is aimed at helping pet lovers, pet parents and to be pet parents understand about the fundamental aspects of caring for pets. It covers a broad range of topics including evolution of dogs, emergence of breeds and their influence on behavior, dog body language, understanding barks and growls, walking a dog, accessories and tools required and basics of first aid.

It also covers the basics of caring for cats and touches upon all the aspects of cat care in a similar structure as to that of learning about dogs in the course.

The objective of this course is to help people understand a little bit more about pets and the things to keep in mind when they are caring for everyone. We recommend this course as fundamental learning before moving on to any other advanced topic related to pet care.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Course Intro
Practice Quiz
Module - 1 Evolution of Dogs, Introduction to Groups and Breeds
Lesson 1.1- Evolution of Dogs
Lesson 1.2- Group breed intro, Herding group
Assessment on Lecture 1.2
Lesson 1.3- Sporting and Gundog group
A.1.3- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 1.4- Hound group
A.1.4- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 1.5- Terrier group
A.1.5- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 1.6- Working group
A.1.6- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 1.7 - Toy Group
A.1.7- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 1.8- Utility or Non-Sporting group
A.1.8- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 1.9 Mixed Breeds
A.1.9- Lecture Assessment
Module - 2 Dog Body Language, Barks & Growls
Lesson 2.1 - Understanding body language
A.2.1- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 2.2 - Deciphering Barks & Growls
A.2.2- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 2.3 - Approaching a dog
A.2.3- Lecture Assessment
A.2.4- Module Assessment
Module-3 Walking a Dog
Lesson 3.1 - The importance of walking Dogs
Lesson 3.2- Essential Pet Accessories
A.3.2- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 3.3 - Challenges of walking on Indian Roads
A.3.4- Module Assessment
Module-4 Introduction to Medical & First Aid
Lesson 4.1- First Aid for Beginners
A.4.1- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 4.2 - First Aid Kit, Real Life Scenarios
A.4.2- Lecture Assessment
Module-5 All about Cats
Lesson 5.1- All About Cats
A.5.1- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 5.2- Cat Breeds
A.5.2- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 5.3- Cat Behaviour (Part I)
A.5.3(Part i)- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 5.3- Cat Behaviour (Part II)
A.5.3(Part ii)- Lecture Assessment
Lesson 5.4- Do's & Don'ts
A.5.4- Lecture Assessment

How to Use

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5. Courses start as soon as you have purchased the course. You will be able to access the course for a duration of 14 days from purchase, so please make sure you complete your course before then.
6. Course modules comprise of pre-recorded video lectures, short assessments and 4 interactive sessions with our instructors.

If you have any trouble with purchasing a course, please reach out to us via mail on alpha@anvisinc.com or call +91 9972542880


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