Dog Breeds & Influence on Behaviour

Dog Breeds & Influence on Behaviour

Get answers to a lot of your dogs behaviour by learning what they were orginally bred for and how they have evolved over the years. Indies included!

Number of Hours of Online Learning : 3.40 hrs

Number of Interactive Sessions with Instructors : 1

For : Pet Parents & Pet Professionals

Language: English

Instructors: Anvis Instructors

Validity Period: 14 days

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What can I expect to learn ?

Every dog breed was bred with a purpose in mind. Some were bred to be Hunters, some were bred to guard against predators, some were bred to work very closely with man, be it with livestock or assist in hunting or pulling sledges and carts, some others were bred purely for companionship and so on.

However, with most of their earlier jobs vanishing, most dogs are now primarliy considered be be companion dogs. We are now breeding for temperments, structure and even coats as these are key to survival to the urban enviornment. However, have we been sucessful in removing or curbing the instincts? Do some dogs still have, some or more of the earlier wolf-dog instincts?

In this course we have tried to answer these questions with many of the common breeds and a few uncommon breeds. We start with the the basic question of what these doggis were orginally bred for and how that influences how they behave today.

We also try and connect structure and temperments of these doggies to what they were bred for and how they have evolved. Finally, we tie it up with how these doggies fare in an urban enviorment and what are the specifics we need to do to ensure we bond with them and are able to offer them a long, fulfilling enriching life!

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1
Hound group (50:00)
Quiz 1- Hound group
Lesson 2
Sporting/Gundog group (30:00)
Quiz 2- Sporting and Gundog group
Lesson 3
Working group (19:00)
Quiz 3- Working group
Lesson 4
Herding group (43:00)
Quiz 4- Herding group
Lesson 5
Terrier group (10:00)
Quiz 5- Terrier group
Lesson 6
Utility / Non Sporting group (9:00)
Quiz 6- Utility or Non-Sporting group
Lesson 7
Toy group (31:00)
Quiz 7 - Toy Group
Lesson 8
Mixed Breeds group (11:00)
Quiz 8-Mixed Breeds

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