Puppy Problems Consultation

Little Puppy. Big Problems. Simple Solutions.

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Instructors: Anvis Puppy Trainers


How does the solving Puppy Problems consultations work?

Our 1 on 1 Puppy Problems consultations are directed at helping people solve different issues with regards to their puppies. These consultations work best for puppies between the ages upto 1 year.


Some of the unwanted behaviours that we can address :

  1. Potty Training
  2. Teething and Destruction
  3. Puppy Diets
  4. Unnecessary Barking
  5. Jumping/lunging at people and other dogs
  6. Separation Anxiety
  7. Resource guarding
  8. Breed specific Mental and Physical exercises 
  9. For puppies pulling on the leash, we have a specific online course Dog Walking Techniques and Accessories 

For Puppies older than 1 year we would recommend taking up the Canine Behaviour Modification Consultation

We wil schedule video call for duration of 1 hour once you sign up for the consultation and understand the behaviour and offer recommendations. We can address one or maybe two very specific behaviours, depending on the behaviour, in each session.

For multiple behaviours that needs to be addresed, we could recommend our Online Puppy Training which will cover a host of lessons and behaviour corrections needed for a well raised puppy.

Depending on the nature of the behaviour modification required, our experts will suggest if follow up sessions are required and the the number of follow up sessions required to go about systamatically correcting the undesired behaviour.

Process Flow

Puppy Problems Consultation
Puppy Information Sheet
Interactive session

How to Use

1. After successful purchase, the consultation course will be added to "My Courses" section in your profile.

2. Please click on the 'My Courses->Start Course' section of the website and fill in the details requested in the Puppy Problems - Pet Information Sheet.

3. In the unlikely event that the link is broken or not submitting (tech issues!), please send us an email to alpha@anvisinc.com and we will share the form.

4. Once the completed form is received, we will set up the call with our expert at a time convenient to both of you.

5. The call is usually on Google Hangouts/ Google Meet App. But we can also do it on Zoom if you like.

6. The consultation is for 1 hour. Hence it's important to furnish as much information about the issue in the Pet Information Sheet as possible and note any specific questions to ask. Our Experts will also come prepared having read the Pet Information sheet and research as necessary to give maximum value to your time.

7. The expert will be able to determine if the issue requires follow up sessions or one session is sufficient. If follow up sessions for the same issue is required, there is a 50% discount. Please do reach out to us before booking the subsequent session.

8. Please be advised the consultation is for one particular issue only. It's not fair to bring in multiple unrelated issues in subsequent sessions. If there are multiple issues that needs to be resolved, please do mention this in the Pet Information sheet initially and the expert can work on a program based on all the issues.