Bernard Shannu

Dog Walking Expert

Bernard is a Pet Buddy turned full time employee with Anvis Inc. He is the owner of the Dog Walking service at Anvis. Earlier, he also used to take care of Operations for Anvis Pet Relocation, playing an integral part in reuniting Pets with their families.

Bernard is blessed to have been born in a crazy pet loving family. He was brought up along side his family's two Spitz and three cats. Growing up he was blessed with a Dachshund ‘Tiny’ who was his sibling for 8 years. His dearest pet was a German Shepherd ‘Jimmy’ a powerful, playful and loyal companion who exhibited wolf like traits, unsurprising given the relative wilderness of Bernard’s hometown. 

Losing Jimmy after 12 years of brotherhood was a big heart break to handle and he was the last pet Bernard and his family owned.

On moving to Bangalore, Bernard started living with friends who decided to adopt a Rottweiler (Charlie) and a Golden Retriever (Cairo). Slowly but surely, Bernard turned godfather to Charlie & Cairo. Cairo, incidentally was adopted from Anvis and that’s how he was first introduced to the team. Having spent nearly 12 years in the corporate field, Bernard decided it was time to do something meaningful and real. He enrolled for the Anvis Pet Buddy workshop and enrolled and the rest as they say is history.